Film Studies

Mr Chipchase

Grade 6 in GCSE English literature or GCSE Media Studies


  • Two exam components: 70% (35% each)
  • One non-exam component: 30%

In year 12, you will be introduced to Hollywood and British cinema. Through case studies, you’ll acquire an understanding of historical and societal influences on the films made in these industries. We will also look at them through a feminist lens, studying ideology and narrative structure. You will also study films from Spain and Brazil and investigate how meaning is created in the texts.

In year 13, your study widens to different film form. You will be studying documentary film as well as silent and experimental cinema. You will also use your new skills to create your own short film as a piece of coursework.


The course is essentially about you, the individual. The course explores how films create meanings and provoke both intellectual and emotional responses from spectators. The aesthetic qualities of film are essential to the relationship with the spectator and, of course, allow you to appreciate this art form in a variety of new ways.

"To infinity and beyond!"

Toy Story, 1995

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